Merritt Parkway Projects


November 2023


Recently completed work on this project includes:

  • Completed new northbound service plaza ramp to Parkway – stop sign removed.
  • Completed south bound service plaza exit ramp extension. 
  • Constructed Merritt Parkway Concrete Median barrier on Merritt Parkway Bridge over New Canaan Ave (Bridge No. 00715)
  • Completed concrete repairs to New Canaan Ave. bridge and applied color stain.
  • Completed installation of Reinforced Steep Slope (RSS) for southbound shoulder widening at exit 38 off amp deceleration lane.
  • Installed landscaping north bound and south bound roadside slopes and hydro seeded for establishment of grasses.
  • Installed Stage 4 temporary barrier along northbound and south bound median shoulder

Work in Progress:

  • Cross slope correction paving south bound approaching New Canaan Avenue Bridge 
  • Nighttime Excavation of Merritt Parkway Median – Work Zone 1 (South Ave overpass to New Canaan Ave.)
  • Nighttime and daytime Installation of new drainage in Median – Work Zone 1

Anticipated Work:

  • Continue Stage 4 median excavation and drainage operations.
  • Winter work schedule to be determined.

This Project is currently scheduled for completion on October 31, 2024



September and October 2023


August  2023 

Comstock Hill Ave over the Merritt Parkway is COMPLETE

Thank you for all your patience while our team worked diligently to complete the work on Comstock Hill Avenue over the Merritt Parkway. Great job!

July 2023 

Comstock Hill Ave over the Merritt Parkway

August  2023 

Comstock Hill Ave over the Merritt Parkway is COMPLETE

April /May 2023