Merritt Parkway Projects

Project No. 102-0368
Recently completed work on this project includes:
  • Widening of right shoulders
  • Bridge cleaning
  • Box culvert extension and reinforced earth soil slope at the new Exit 40B deceleration lane
  • Side mounted sign foundation installations
Work in Progress:
  • Right shoulder installation of topsoil, seed and plantings
  • Full depth pavement reconstruction under bridge overpasses
  • Bridge concrete sounding for Class ‘S’ Historic Concrete Repairs
  • Stage 3 wedge course paving
  • Stage 4 median excavation and installation of drainage and MP guiderail at the north end of the project

Anticipated Work:
  • Installation of MP slipform curbing and MP median barrier
  • Grumman Avenue water main relocation and bridge repairs
  • Class ‘S’ concrete bridge patches and safety guiderail installations
  • Complete paving beneath bridges and paving of wedge course
  • Second LIDAR survey at south end of the project (after wedge course is completed)
This Project is currently scheduled for completion on December 30, 2022. 


Project No.102-0296 

Work in Progress:

  • Partial depth pavement repairs southbound/northbound- Nighttime
  • Clearing of hazardous trees and vegetation northbound/southbound – Nighttime 
  • Treatment of invasive vegetation northbound and southbound 
  • Cleaning of existing roadway storm drainage systems northbound and southbound – Nighttime  


Anticipated Work:
  • Full depth pavement reconstruction at Bridge Overpasses northbound direction – Nighttime
  • Cleaning of existing median storm drainage systems northbound and southbound – Nighttime
  • Fine milling northbound
This Project is currently scheduled to for completion on October 31, 2024

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