Merritt Parkway Projects

Project No. 102-0368
Recently completed work on this project includes:
  • Median box out for curb and gutter and median barrier
  • Installation of MP concrete curb
  • Installation of Two tube retrofit
  • Reset catch basin (Phase 1)
  • Paving Northbound (Phase 2)
Work in Progress:
  • Right shoulder installation of topsoil, seed and plantings
  • Full depth pavement reconstruction under bridge overpasses
  • Bridge concrete sounding for Class ‘S’ Historic Concrete Repairs
  • Stage 3 wedge course paving
  • Stage 4 median excavation and installation of drainage and MP guiderail at the north end of the project

Anticipated Work:

  • Median barrier excavation, boxout and barrier installation at West Rocks Road
  • Complete the final 2”lift of PMA S0.5 wearing surface between Grumman Avenue and West Rocks Road
  • Complete Merritt Parkway median curbing closure pours at the median barrier tie-ins
  • Merritt Parkway median guiderail installation
  • Install epoxy pavement markings in final configuration in advance of winter.
  • Continue installation of plantings and mulch in the median.

This Project is currently scheduled for completion on December 30, 2022. 

Project No.102-0296 

Recently completed work on this project includes:

  • Establish Stage 3 work Zones northbound Service Plaza to just prior to Exit 38 and Exit 38 on ramp to Silvermine Avenue.
  • Northbound excavation and grading for new exit ramp from Northbound Service Plaza
  • Completed daytime cleaning of Merritt Parkway Bridge over New Canaan Avenue
  • Northbound excavation and grading from the Northbound Service Plaza to the exit 38 off Ramp.

Work in Progress:

  • Northbound excavation and grading from the Exit 38 on Ramp to Silvermine Avenue.
  • Installation of new drainage in NB work zones
  • Nighttime cleaning of the NB parapet of the New Canaan Avenue Bridge.
  • Installation of Stage 3 Temporary Concrete barrier in South bound direction.
  • Daytime and nighttime construction new Merritt Parkway concrete barrier on White Oak Shade Road and Marvin Ridge Road bridge abutment faces.

Anticipated Work:

  • Nighttime cleaning of the White Oak Shade Bridge over the Merritt Parkway
  • Begin earth excavation and grading southbound

This Project is currently scheduled for completion on October 31, 2024

Progress Photos

February/March 2023


December 2022 / January 2023


White Oak Shade Bridge Abutment concrete removal for new Merritt Parkway Barrier Face
Daytime Cleaning Merritt Parkway Bridge over New Canaan Avenue
Daytime Drainage Installation NB Work Zone
Merritt Parkway Looking Southbound at Exit 30 on Ramp-New SB work zone, Excavation on NB side
New Under drain NB work zone
Merritt Parkway over New Canaan Avenue Looking Northbound-Bridge Cleaning

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