Merritt Parkway Projects


Merritt Parkway Projects

Norwalk, New Canaan, & Westport, Connecticut


The Route 15 Safety Improvements Resurfacing, Enhancements and Bridge Improvements Norwalk, New Canaan, Westport
This project extends approximately 3.5 miles south from Exit 40A at Main Avenue in Norwalk to Exit 37 at South Avenue in New Canaan. The Project also extends further south to include repairs needed to the Lapham Road Bridge overpass in New Canaan.

The Route 15 Safety Improvements Resurfacing, Enhancements and Bridge Improvements Norwalk and Westport
This project is substantially completed and involved the resurfacing of Route 15 in both directions, as well as providing various safety improvements and aesthetic enhancements from Main Avenue (Route 7) in Norwalk to Newtown Turnpike in Westport.

What to Expect this Season on the Merritt Parkway
Project 0102-0296

2024  – Final Construction Season for Project

Project 0102-0296 is in the final year of construction. This Spring crews will continue working within the roadway median. While limited work will be done during the daytime behind temporary concrete barriers, the bulk of the construction will continue to be done at night supported by lane closures. See below for “LANE CLOSURE INFORMATION”.



The current Stage of Roadway Construction Work will include the installation of new:

  • Median drainage structures
  • Merritt Parkway Concrete Median Barrier
  • Merritt Parkway Concrete Curbing

Following the installation of New Concrete Median Barrier and Curbing crews will pave the median shoulders in both northbound and southbound directions and then begin the last Stage of construction- final paving of the Parkway.

Final paving of the Merritt Parkway will be done in two segments:

  • Segment 1 – New Canaan Ave. (Exit 38) to South Ave. (Exit 37) Southern Project Limit.
  • Segment 2 – New Canaan Ave. to Main Ave. (Exit 40B) Northern project Limit.


  • Final paving of the first segment is schedule to begin late May to early June with Segment 2 beginning late June to early July.

  • Prior to final paving work crews will relocate the temporary concrete barriers off the roadway.         

  • As final paving is completed travel lanes will be restored to the original full width 12’ lanes.

  • Work to complete Guiderail installation, landscaping, and establishment of grass within the median will occur as paving work is completed.



Bridge restoration work will continue this Spring and through the Summer. Crews will complete concrete repairs and historic restoration of the following bridges:

·        South Avenue over the Merritt Parkway

·        White Oak Shade Road over the Merritt Parkway

·        Marvin Ridge Road over the Merritt Parkway

·        Comstock Hill Avenue over the Merritt Parkway



Lane closures SB and NB every night, Monday through Thursday for the duration of the Project which is scheduled to be completed at the end of October next year.

The locations of the closure within the Project limits will vary based on the operations being performed:

  • The earliest start for lane closures for SB is at 7PM,  starting at exit 40A.
  • The earliest start for lane closures for NB is at 9PM.
  • The Contractor avoids working Friday night but may work if work was canceled earlier in the week because of weather or if they plan to do paving during the week.
  • On Fridays the earliest lane closures can occur is 8PM SB and 9PM NB.


  •  Avoid the beginning of the work shift (7pm to 10pm) because that’s when lane closure patterns are installed, and traffic will slow
    and back-up.
  •  Avoid when traffic patterns are being removed in the morning – typically 4:30AM to 6AM.


  • If you are travelling on the Merritt Parkway (New York Line to Stratford) and Wilbur Cross Parkway (Stratford to Meriden) the same useful
    travel tips can be applied on other Projects as they will have similar start times and construction constraints.
  • To request  information on other projects or if you need help, have a question or comment, or would like to report a problem on a state road, click the blue button below for the CTDOT Customer Care Center.



  • Monday – Wednesday: 7PM to 5AM
  • Thursday – Friday: 8PM to 6AM


  • Monday –  Friday: 8PM to 6AM

 Please note that these closures can change at any time based on weather or resources.